The Order of Nine Skulls — 💀

Last week I sent out a tweet that I would be minting 6 skulls over 6 days on 6 platforms.

If you saw it congrats, if you didn’t…

Heres the breakdown.

For the past decade I’ve been working professionally in the industry, providing design, art, product direction and even development for some of the coolest projects on Mobile and Blockchain. Being handcuffed to college debt I’ve never had my services structured in a way to get me out of the work-for-hire rut. Which in the case of the NFT explosion, I missed out on pressuring my work through the past couple years by pinching the supply of my releases.

This accumulation of work has resulted in a hard drive with over a decade of professional work that most eyes will never see. And now I want to release it to show the value of my contribution to the space and the industry, to make up for all of that lost time.

Before I jump into the details of the skulls, let me explain.

I started my career in SF after enrolling in the now closed Art Institute of California — San Francisco.

See I got kicked out of high school, sent to continuation school because while everyone was getting their education I was out painting tunnels and trains, ditching school, building Graffiti Websites on GeoCities.

Those 2005 Throw Backs — Venice Beach SWEK.ONE

I received my GED in 2005 by completing a set of books, snagged my certificate and dipped from my home town north of the bay in Shasta County. I went to work, full time as a 17 year old in shipping and receiving at a manufacturing company.

At 18 I moved out of my moms home and went to work in northern NV with my uncle. I bounced around with a small resume of manufacturing and production work for a couple years. While I was doing all of this, I was non-stop PhotoShop’n, building myspace pages and designing logos for local skate and sign shops. It wasn't until I walked into a design agency, asked for a job and was told…

“You want to get in this industry, go to college.”

So thats what I did!

I moved to SF and this is where it all wen’t down!

When I moved to SF I had 0 to my name, went a week without eating... so I got a job. I worked at the Apple store of the launch of the iPhone on Powell St. That was my first day! And I tell ya, I was good at it. Back of house, shipping and receiving, flipping and processing orders for incoming product getting them to the sales floor I was a machine.

Then one day I woke up and was like…


So I quit!

With a usb flash drive filled with 3 months of school work, I landed myself a job with a game company in the SOMA as a Production Artist flash animating characters in an online game.

Boom I was in, I had an industry job!

Bam I was in SF going to College and working in the gaming industry! ✨

This was in 2006.

I ended up working professionally all through out college in the gaming industry doing design, art, ui, prototyping all of that fun stuff.

In 2011 I got swooped into Zynga where I got to work on some real mobile games. Made some amazing friends and worked on some epic products!

… Then I started building Apps and well if you know that story…

That lead me to build my first VC backed Startup… Yoshirt!

Which oddly enough helped develop the garment supply templating system that now powers the MetaFactory apparel…

T6, know your history!

I connected with Drew Harding at Neon Roots in 2017, and we went on the Adventures of Blockchain!

….And well, 2 years at Dapper and some time at Spank! I got an insane portfolio!!! Not to mention all of the contract work I did along with way with District0x, ETHGlobal, MetaCartel and others…

🔥 I have an INSANE portfolio…

THE SKULLS — 💀💀💀💀 ☠️ 💀💀💀💀

As the industry booms, making new ways for artists to claim royalties and attribution across works. I’ve decided I want to tokenize my entire portfolio from years of Art, Design, Product Thinking, Note Sketches, all of that jazz.

Through the many years of experience I also see the extreme importance and value of having advisors to help you make decisions about your work. The royalties and licensing of your art.

I formulated a Claim system, where I will distribute 8 Skulls on blockchain. The first 6 which were released across 6 platforms over 6 days. They were easy to get, made available to everyone.

The real real, actually snagged the drops.

The other skulls which will be available for trade or by vote, will lock in 8 individuals who will over see the future of my work. I recently teamed up with NFT42 to build one of the most badass minting layers the NFT space will see.

I will be minting using the NFT42 platform an archive of all of my work to date, structured as a vault. Skull holders will also receive initial allocation of my Social Token as well as first come first serve on new art drops.

I’ll also be structuring my deals moving forward as a DAO for how proceeds, royalties and attribution for licensing functions for projects I work on… Anything my hand touches. 👉 💎

4 Skulls have been claimed

2 Remain —

I’m not linking them, go find em…

2 will be announced soon…





Franky Aguilar also known as Frankynines, is an Artist and Content Creator currently working as a Product Design Director in Blockchain.

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Franky Aguilar

Franky Aguilar

Franky Aguilar also known as Frankynines, is an Artist and Content Creator currently working as a Product Design Director in Blockchain.

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